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Sigils - Invested belief in altering reality

Sigils 'charged' by the energy and attention recieved appearing on LiveJournal

Thee Manifestations ov Desire
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This community if for posting images of sigils or art; pieces which are vessels or tools of the will of the creator.
Mantras and wordplay associated with the sigils are also welcome.

Please share articles relevant to the community interests. It would be perfereable if you would excerpt the original article or repost it in it's entirity. Information should pertain to sigils, mantra/wordsigils, and sigil magic or workings. Sigils are not a technique exclusive to chaos magic, though they most certainly have been popularized by the paradigm. Please refrain from posting chaos magic material unless it is relevant to sigils. [And hey, it's not because we don't like it. We just want to stay on topic. We keeps the flow, baby. We keeps it real.]

We strongly encourage you to follow the few guildelines listed below so that you don't piss the rest of us off. :)

1. THIS COMMUNITY IS IMAGE BASED. Don't join unless you're willing to suffer the load time of having extra pictures on your friend's page. You can always join without adding us to your friend's list, but keep in mind this is frowned upon. If you're not helping us cast our sigils, why should we help you? Balance.

2. NO SPAM. Cross-posted articles are fine; as long as they bear relevance to the interests listed in the community. Make sure they are good!

3. IF YOU ARE POSTING MORE THAN ONE SIGIL AT A TIME, PLEASE CUT-TAG THE REST. I'm not going to be polite about giving you a link on how to do that. Figure it out yourself. Or, sigilise for it. :)edit: okay, you can post two or three at a time - but it's all relative to proportion. Use your better judgement. No, not that one - the better one.

4. KEEP IMAGES NOT BEHIND CUTTAGS TO A REASONBLE SIZE! This is a gray area. Use you better judgement. That file you made in Photoshop might look fandangly-fuckin' good at 600 dpi and 300000 x 300000 pixels, but chances are we really won't care to see it that huge. Please shrink it down to a size that won't distort friends pages and a quality that retains the essence without bogging down page load time.


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Our community is somewhat colourless and bland at the moment. If you're interested in volunteering your elite web design skills to dress it up, contact deviant_mute and get crackin'.

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