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an economickall allegory

how to use the sefer raziel hexagram talisman
the moment a job slot slides open and the opportunity becomes available, the most clever of the servitors will rush to fill the position. these will become famous so it is not a bad idea to allow them to find their positions of honor and notoriety--let the tough ones who can take the abuse dig their own holes. next the deeper thinkers will articulate better strategies and should be left to their business falling into cracks so as to engineer their niche fixes. they may resolve at the pixel rate of a few letters, or one. the ones that oversee channels of flow and patterns of space will notice, once these early adopters have exhausted their attacks, that their are maps and other observations to be made. at this point the robot monitoring towers known as the four archangels may establish some boundaries and compare light spaces to dark ones. openings to the seemingly invisible will distract those set over this guarding function who tend to jump the gun and mistake tiredness for enlightenment, they will jump and fall away when it becomes evident that no curtain is being pulled open. spirits of vigilance turn out to be the most highly paid door watchers in this new economy, so long as the originals are not trying to open new accounts (by now they are famous and thus atrophied enough to be avoided by a choosy algorithm set looking for new blood). certain apparent openings turn out only to provide work for the most rare and useful of servitors: those who keep the illusion chasers from selling water by the river. there are also the desired openings, which finally begin to provide work for the invisible college, the servitors of more lofty forms that apprehend lights unknown in the deeper darknesses. these turn out not to shock and distract once they can be integrated into the community work (after all they don't interfere with anyone's job, left invisible). unknown to anybody above concerned leaders will arise from the ranks of the masses milling and gathering at the lower levels, but this will not show up clearly until the microscope has been moved to the viewpoint.

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